Apthasol (Amlexanox)

Access Pharmaceuticals

Approval Status
Approved May 1996

Treatment for
canker sores

Immune System

Apthasol has been approved for the treatment of signs and symptoms of canker sores.

Dentists are now able to prescribe the topical oral paste for subjects who have a recurring problem with apthous ulcers. The paste is applied four times a day and may sting or burn upon application. It is not yet known how Apthasol works, although it is thought it inhibits inflammation and offers protection as a wound covering.

Fifteen percent of the worldwide population suffer from canker sores. In the United States, canker sores result in more than 7,000,000 subjects visits to medical practitioners per year. Canker sores are considered a nuisance and painful, but no real threat. Any sore that persists for more than two weeks, especially one that isn't painful, should be examined by your dentist.

Apthasol (Amlexanox) Drug Information

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