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Axid AR (nizatidine

Company: Whitehall-Robins Healthcare
Approval Status: Approved May 1996
Treatment for: heartburn, acid indigestion, sour stomach
Areas: Gastrointestinal

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General Information

Axid AR is the non-prescription version of the anti-ulcer medication Axid. Axid AR belongs to a relatively new class of over-the-counter medications known as acid reducers, which inhibit the release of acid in the stomach. Axid AR has been approved as a treatment for heartburn, acid indigestion, and sour stomach caused by food and beverages.

Recommended dosage is one Axid AR tablet taken twice daily, one half-hour to one hour before consuming food and beverages that cause discomfort.

Clinical Results

The efficacy of Axid AR was demonstrated in an extensive clinical research program of seven trials involving more than 1,400 individuals with a history of heartburn. These trials showed that one 75-mg dose of Axid AR taken in as little as 30 minutes prior to a meal can effectively stop heartburn from occurring.

Side Effects

Axid AR exhibited low overall frequency of adverse effects.

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Axid AR Drug Information

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