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Bactroban Cream

Company: SmithKline Beecham
Approval Status: Approved December 1997
Treatment for: secondarily infected traumatic skin lesions
Areas: Dermatology / Plastic Surgery
Possible similar drugs: Bactroban Nasal 2%

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General Information

Bactroban Cream (mupirocin calcium cream, 2%) has been approved as a topical antibiotic treatment for secondarily infected traumatic skin lesions. Bactroban Cream will be available in 15 gram and 30 gram tubes. Bactroban Cream should be applied to the affected area three times daily for 10 days.

Clinical Results

In two randomized, double-blind clinical trials, Bactroban Cream demonstrated equivalent efficacy to the oral cephalosporin antibiotic Keflex. Clinical efficacy rates at follow-up were 96.1% for Bactroban Cream and 93.9% for oral Keflex.

Side Effects

There is virtually no risk of systemic side effects or drug interactions due to Bactroban Cream. The most common side effects reported include headache, rash and nausea.

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Bactroban Cream Drug Information

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