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Breathe Right

Company: CNS
Approval Status: Approved June 1996
Treatment for: breathing difficulties due to deviated nasal septum
Areas: Respiratory

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General Information

Breathe Right has been approved for the temporary relief of breathing difficulties due to deviated nasal septum. The company previously received clearance to market the product for the reduction or elimination of snoring and for the temporary relief of nasal congestion.

Additional Information

Approximately 12 million people in the United States are bothered by symptoms related to a deviated nasal septum--a bend in the cartilage and/or bone which divides the nostrils. These symptoms include a blockage to airflow through one nostril, difficulty sleeping, nasal discharge, headaches, loud breathing or snoring, dry nose, and nose bleeds. Frequently, a deviated septum will further complicate nasal symptoms related to allergies and sinus disease. Treatment has been primarily limited to surgical correction.

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Breathe Right Drug Information

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