Advanced Tissue Sciences

Approval Status
Approved October 1997

Treatment for

Dermatology / Plastic Surgery

Dermagraft-TC has been approved as a temporary wound covering for partial-thickness burns. Dermagraft-TC was first approved for marketing in March, 1997 as a temporary wound covering for severe burns. Dermagraft-TC is the first human, fibroblast-derived temporary skin substitute for the treatment of partial-thickness burns that has been approved for marketing by the FDA.

Partial-thickness burns, or second degree burns, are those in which there is damage to the epidermis (the upper layer of the skin) and the upper portion of the dermis (the lower layer of skin). However, a portion of the dermis remains intact. Partial-thickness burns are the most common type of burn injury requiring medical attention. These burns frequently result from household hazards such as scalding from hot liquids, faulty heating pads or misuse of ignition fluids.

Dermagraft-TC Drug Information

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