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Miraluma test

Company: DuPont Merck Pharmaceutical Company
Approval Status: Approved May 1997
Treatment for: breast imaging
Areas: Pregnancy & Gynecology; Cancer & Oncology

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General Information

DuPont’s Miraluma (kit for the preparation of technicium Tc99m sestamibi) was approved for use as a nuclear medicine test to be used in breast imaging. The test is to be used as an adjunct to mammography for difficult to image breast tissue. During the test, patients receive a trace amount of the radiopharmaceutical by injection, after which the breasts are imaged with a gamma camera.

Mechanism of Action

The miraluma test uses a radiopharmaceutical that is thought to accumulate in areas of increased metabolic activity in malignant cells. The drug concentrates up to nine times higher in malignant cells than in normal cells.

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Miraluma test Drug Information

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