Monistat 3 (miconazole nitrate)

Advanced Care Products

Approval Status
Approved February 2001

Treatment for
Vaginal yeast infections

Possible similar drugs
Monistat 3

Pregnancy & Gynecology

Monistat 3 Combination Pack has been approved for treatment of vaginal yeast infections and relief of external itching and irritation due to the infection. The pack includes three vaginal suppositories, a plastic applicator, and one tube of cream for external vulvar use.

This quick three day treatment will be available over the counter, as are a number of other previously approved Monistat products. The Monistat 3 Combination Pack is the same strength as the three-day prescription treatment that has been available for over 15 years.

Vaginal yeast infections affect more than 13 million women in the United States each year. Three quarters of all women will experience at least one during their lifetime. Vaginal yeast infections are caused by overgrowth of Candida, a type of yeast found in the vagina. Symptoms include vaginal itching, discharge, irritation or burning, and a rash or redness around the vagina.

Adverse events associated with the use of miconazole nitrate may include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Temporary increase in irritation when suppository is inserted
  • Abdominal cramping
  • Headaches
  • Skin rash
Monistat 3 (miconazole nitrate) Drug Information

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