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Nicotrol nasal spray

Company: Pharmacia & Upjohn
Approval Status: Approved March 1996
Treatment for: smoking cessation
Areas: Psychiatry / Psychiatric
Possible similar drugs: Nicotrol transdermal patch

| General Information |

General Information

Nicotrol NS is a pump bottle that holds 100 milligrams of pure nicotine that smokers can inhale to ward off cigarette cravings. It is to be sold by prescription only to adult smokers trying to quit.

The nicotine nasal spray hits the bloodstream faster than the gum or patch, offering the potential of almost immediate relief of cigarette cravings.

A squirt up each nostril gives the smoker one-milligram of nicotine. Smokers aren't supposed to use it more than five times an hour. Overdosing is dangerous--40 mg of nicotine at once can be lethal.

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Nicotrol nasal spray Drug Information

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