Retavase (reteplase)

Boehringer Mannheim Corporation

Approval Status
Approved November 1996

Treatment for
patients suffering from heart attack

Cardiovascular / Cardiology

Retavase (reteplase), a new thrombolytic agent to help treat the 1.5 million American subjects suffering from heart attack each year, has been approved. Retavase is the only thrombloytic that can be given in a simple two-shot form rather than a continuous intravenous infusion.

An international study of more than 6,000 subjects treated with either Retavase or streptokinase proved Retavase to be safe and effective in reducing mortality and lowering the incidence of CHF and other cardiovascular conditions. Additionally, clinical data show that Retavase was associated with a reduced need to perform emergency angioplasty compared to Alteplase.

Thrombolytic agents are used to treat patents that suffer from heart attack, or what is medically known as acute myocardial infarction (AMI). Widespread research has shown that one of the most effective treatments for a heart attack as a result of blockage caused by a blood clot is to quickly administer a thrombolytic agent to restore blood flow to the affected artery.

Retavase (reteplase) Drug Information

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