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Company: Genzyme
Approval Status: Approved August 1996
Treatment for: reduction of scar tissue as a result of abdominal or pelvic surgery
Areas: Gastrointestinal; Musculoskeletal; Urology & Kidneys; Pregnancy & Gynecology

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General Information

Seprafilm bioresorbable membrane has been approved for use in any open abdominal or pelvic surgery. Seprafilm is indicated for use in subjects undergoing abdominal or pelvic open surgery as an adjunct intended to reduce the incidence, extent, and severity of postoperative adhesions (scar tissues) between the abdominal wall and the underlying viscera such as omentum, small bowel, bladder, and stomach, and between the uterus and surrounding structures such as tubes and ovaries, large bowel, and bladder.

Clinical Results

The effect of Seprafilm on long-term postoperative complications (i.e. intestinal obstruction, female infertility, chronic pain) has not yet been studied, but two clinical trials have shown that Seprafilm reduced adhesion formation where the membrane was placed.

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Seprafilm Drug Information

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