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Hospitals Directory

Search through our directory of worldwide hospitals (currently 14,000 entries). You can search by a combination of country, alphabetical letter or keyword. If the hospital you are searching for is missing from our database, or if the hospital address or contact information has changed from those that we have listed, please contact us.

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All of the hospital information featured in this directory is provided by our sister website, Hospitals Worldwide.

Our comprehensive hospitals directory helps you quickly locate a hospital anywhere in the world. Our database contains in excess of 14,000 hospitals, making it one of the best places to find information on the hospital you are searching for.

To assist you with locating a hospital, you can refine your search by selecting the country in which the hospital is located and choose to search by either hospital name, city/town or state/county.

The hospital information featured in the search results includes:

  • Hospital Name
  • Hospital Address
  • Hospital Telephone Number
  • Website Address
  • Email Address
  • Description

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