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Definition: 'Superficial Inguinal Lymph Nodes'

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superficial inguinal lymph nodes

Type: Term

1. a group of 12–20 nodes that lie in the subcutaneous tissue below the inguinal ligament and along the terminal part of the great saphenous vein; they drain the skin and subcutaneous tissue of the lower abdominal wall, perineum, buttocks, external genitalia, and lower limbs; they are subdivided into three groups of lymph nodes (nodi lymphoidei): inferior (inferiores [TA], vertical) group of superficial inguinal lymph nodes, located inferior to the saphenous opening, receiving drainage of the lower limb; superolateral (superolaterales [TA], lateral horizontal) superficial inguinal lymph nodes located lateral to the saphenous opening, receiving drainage of lateral buttock and lower anterior abdominal wall; and superomedial (superomediales [TA], medial horizontal) superficial inguinal lymph nodes, located medial to the saphenous opening, receiving drainage of the perineum and external genitalia.

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