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Definition: 'Gracile Nucleus'

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gracile nucleus

Type: Term

1. the medial of the three nuclei of the dorsal column, the remaining two being the cuneate nucleus and the accessory cuneate nucleus, which corresponds to the clava; it can be divided into a pars centralis [TA] (central part [TA]), cell nest region [TAalt]), a pars rostralis [TA] (rostral part [TA], shell region [TAalt]), and subnucleus rostrodorsalis [TA] (rostrodorsal subnucleus [TA], cell group z [TAalt]; it receives dorsal root fibers conveying sensory innervation of the leg and lower trunk, and projects, by way of the medial lemniscus, to the ventral posterolateral posterior nucleus of the thalamus.

Synonyms: nucleus gracilis, nucleus fasciculi gracilis, nucleus funiculi gracilis, nucleus of Goll

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