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Definition: 'Basophilia'

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Type: Term

Pronunciation: bā′sō-fil′ē-ă

1. A condition in which there are more than the usual number of basophilic leukocytes in the circulating blood (basophilic leukocytosis) or an increase in the proportion of parenchymatous basophilic cells in an organ (in the bone marrow, basophilic hyperplasia).
2. A condition in which basophilic erythrocytes are found in circulating blood, as in certain instances of leukemia, advanced anemia, malaria, and plumbism.
3. The reaction of immature erythrocytes to basic dyes whereby the cells appear blue or contain bluish granules.
4. Beta adenohypophysis.

Synonyms: Grawitz basophilia

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