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Dermatology / Skin Conditions Search


Search DermNet NZ for Dermatological Skin Conditions

This service is operated in conjunction with DermNet NZ


The dermatology search / skin conditions search contains an extensive directory of data intended to assist both consumer and health care professional.

The search is powered by DermNet, the New Zealand Dermatological Society. DermNet ensure to make all information authoritative by reviewing all content, preparing the information themselves, and recording dates of authorship and updates. The information also complies with: eHealth Code of Ethics, Criteria for Assessing the Quality of Health Information on the Internet (1997), and Health on the Net's Code of Conduct.

To use the dermatological search / skin conditions search, simply enter your search term in the Dermatology search box and then click the 'search' button. Your results will then be displayed in a new window in the DermNet website.

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